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Want to have an AWESOME Morning Routine? IT CAN be Done!

If your morning routine goes south, it’s hard to have a good day, isn’t it? What you do before you head out the door can really set the tone for the whole day – it’s one of the reasons that Monday mornings are such a hard sell, and was part of the inspiration for our Monday Huddles.

So Let’s Get to It~

Tip #1 – Start by Easing into your Day - Part of an awesome morning routine includes “easing into your day,” whatever that means to you. Usually, the common denominator, when asked what “easing into your day” means to them is the idea of NOT feeling rushed, and at the same time, having time to do the things that you need to before you start your day. The SECRET is to make sure that you not only get to the things that you WANT to do, BUT that you also carve out time to get to the things you WANT to do. And notice I used the phrase “carve out the time”…I didn’t say, “have the time.” That’s because I believe that since everyone has the same 24 hours/day, it’s NOT whether you have the time, it’s where you INVEST your time. For me, that includes getting up an hour earlier so that I can have some ME TIME before the demands of the day can even think about taking their toll, and in fact, because I start my day in a way that is so fun to me, it creates a kind of armor that shields me from getting overly stressed about much. MY awesome routing includes enjoying the quite of the early morning in my favorite fuzzy robe and slippers, while I sip my coffee, and enjoy my favorite chair with a good book, or a favorite TV show.

Tip #2 - Do Away with Clothing Confusion – Even if you have to wear a uniform for work, do you have it cleaned, pressed and hanging up in your closet? If you don’t, you are wasting precious time. I give more specifics about how to make sure your clothes are ready to go in my What to Do on Sunday so That You Have a Fabulous Monday episode, but in a nutshell, I take just an hour out of my weekend to get all of my clothes cleaned and ready to go in my closet. And what I say “ready to go,” I mean just that – they are cleaned, pressed, in order, and even have the accessories hanging with them. Just FYI, if you don’t have any jewelry bags handy, Ziploc bags are an inexpensive ways to hang corresponding earrings, bracelets, etc., with each outfit. Just the joy of knowing that when you wake up in the morning, your clothes are clean and ready to go, makes Tip #2 a great investment of your time. And if some unexpected events come up, like the weather is forecasted to be colder on Tuesday than it is on Thursday, then switching outfits around might be needed but is an easy fix.

Tip #3 – Let’s do Lunch! Do you know how often your co-workers have NO idea what they are doing for lunch that day, and then have to scramble around at the last minute? And did you also know that as a result, they then end up having to not only take more time out of their day for their lunch hour, but they have to spend more money too. And if you try to save some money by bringing lunch from home, OR if you are just craving some delicious leftovers from home, if you wait until that morning, you risk the chance of not only being rushed, but you also risk having to give up the time you could have spent enjoying a leisurely morning, trying to put your lunch together that could have been the night before instead. Making your lunch ahead of time so that ALL you have to do is grab it from the fridge is a great feeling – not only do you just grab and go, but it’s one less thing to stress about, it’s budget friendly, and then since you planned the meal beforehand, you are more likely to enjoy it then taking your chance on whatever is available on your lunch hour.

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