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“Dr. Hamby is amazing! Her energy engages the learner and audience so infectiously. I loved working with her as well as collaborating with her on various projects.”

— Dr. Adrienne R.
University Graduate Coordinator & Counselor

Most Popular Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards creating an enviable workplace culture while strengthening your company’s leadership? Dr. Dawn’s signature program, Entrée to Culture and Leadership, blends quarterly kick-offs, insightful interviews, real-time reports, and powerful takeaways to deliver a tailored approach that will take your culture and leadership to the next level.

Businesses Training Options

Dr. Dawn partners with businesses to ignite growth and success by delivering dynamic motivational talks, strategic consultancy, and customized professional development workshops. Her proven strategies empower teams to overcome challenges, foster innovation, and achieve their full potential, driving the company toward unparalleled success. 

Non-Profit Training Options

Dr. Dawn's passion for positive change shines as she supports nonprofit organizations in their missions. By offering targeted guidance, motivational speeches, and workshops, she empowers nonprofit teams to enhance their impact, attract resources, and create sustainable change, ultimately contributing to a brighter, more compassionate world. 

Non Profits

 “Dr. Dawn is an amazing presenter with a heart to help others. She is positive and encourages the best from all who meet and work with her.” 

— Cheryl C. 
Advising and Learning Center Coordinator/Media Specialist

Schools Training Options

Transforming educational landscapes, Dr. Dawn collaborates with schools to inspire both educators and students. Through engaging presentations and tailored training sessions, she equips educators with effective teaching methodologies while motivating students to set ambitious goals, develop essential life skills, and embrace a future of limitless possibilities.


Government Training Options

In the realm of government agencies, Dr. Dawn serves as a catalyst for transformation. Her expertise in leadership, communication, and motivation aids public servants in delivering exceptional services to citizens. By fostering a culture of innovation and dedication, she assists government agencies in achieving their goals and shaping communities for the better. 

Govt Agncies


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