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Private Coaching empowers you to unlock your true potential by setting meaningful goals, either in your personal life, business, or career. Everyone has different drives and motivations, so there isn’t always a cookie cutter solution. Let’s create a plan to unlock YOUR potential! Working with your personal coach, Dr. Dawn, you’ll be guided every step of the way to cultivate YOUR EMPOWERMENT! 

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“Dr. Dawn was so easy to work with. I gave her all of my previous resumes and other materials and she delivered a beautiful one-page resume for me. I would have never been able to consolidate my experience down like she did to meet current expectations of a resume.”

— Stephanie F.
Life & Business Coach

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Total Value


  • 600$
    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

You Pay


If you are ready to make big changes in your life then the MVP plan not only treats you like the MVP that you are, but also is the best value. In this plan, you not only receive unlimited access to our 4-Module Taking Charge Virtual Program for FREE, but MVP clients are the only ones that create a 6-month action plan customized just for them, unlimited access anytime to 1:1 coaching with Dr. Dawn, customized Take-Aways delivered to your inbox, unlimited access to video recordings, automatic entry into all drawings, bonus videos created just for you, and a personalized journal shipped to your home.

  • Monthly cost: $600

  • Minimum commitment: 3 months


Total Value

  • 300$
    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

You Pay

The Game Plan

This 3-month plan includes access to 2 of our Taking Charge Virtual Modules of your choosing, along with a 3-month customized action plan, weekly 1:1 calls with Dr. Dawn, materials delivered as needed, and unlimited access to discuss anything, whenever the client wants.

Your Investment?

  • $300 per month, no monthly minimum


Per bootcamp

The Bootcamp

The Boot Camp is perfect for you if you’re getting ready for a career change and/or need to prep
for the interview, update your resume, or come up with a cover letter. During our 45-minute
discovery call, we will strategize your next steps, make sure your resume is customized to the job you
want, and go over what to do before, during and after the interview in 3 separate coaching calls

Total Value


  • 400$
    Valid for one month

You Pay

The Coach in-Your-Pocket

With this option, you can reach out to Dr. Dawn anytime to discuss anything, whenever the need arises. This coaching-on-the-go option allows you to have access "in your back pocket," and together we strategize your next steps, along with access to 1 Taking Charge Virtual Module of your choosing and monthly customized Take-Aways.

Your Investment?

  • $400 per month, no monthly minimum


1 Hour

The Power Hour

Sometimes you just need quick personal help, and that's where your Power Hour comes in. With this option, you answer a few questions beforehand, we jump on a quick call and strategize your next steps, and unlimited video access to our session.

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