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Related to the topic of her first book, Dr. Dawn’s Podcast discusses tips and tricks for a modern career woman.

Are you a strong independent career woman looking to build your brand and create a career you love? Do you want the dream job but fear you will have to sacrifice your work-life balance to get it? Whether you're a young professional just starting her career or you're a busy career woman who's been working hard for years, this podcast is designed to inspire and motivate today's career women by giving them the insider secrets to building their professional and personal brand, creating a career they love, and living their lives full of passion and purpose.

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“I met Dr. Dawn while on vacation at a resort. I didn’t know her or anything about her podcast. While watching her interact with her husband, one evening, I mentioned to my husband that lady is a beautiful woman and she loves life. Later Dawn offered to take our picture and we started chatting. We first hit it off when we realized we both had the same name. Dawn told me about her podcast and I’ve started listening to it. Ladies, Dawn lives what she is teaching!”

— Dawn JE.
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