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How Putting a Stop to Perfectionism = Putting a Stop to Fear!

In Today’s episode, we are wrapping up our series on Breaking the Chains of Fear. If you missed our previous episodes, we started with how to really Face your Fear & Stare it Down, and the magic of when you DO that, it really empowers you. Then we moved on to ThePower of Imagining the Worst-Case Scenario and how practicing that approach can help you see that your imagined fear is usually MUCH worse than the reality. LAST week we looked at how Challenging the Evidence of What’s Holding You Back can help you get to the root of the problem so that you can create an action-oriented approach for yourself. So, if you missed any of those episodes, be sure to check that out. As we wrap up our series Today on Breaking the Chains of Fear, in THIS episode we are going to look at the interesting dynamic between perfectionism and fear, and how if you Put a Stop to Perfectionism, You Will Put a Stop to Fear.

Perfectionism can be really paralyzing, can’t it? There truly CAN BE that “paralysis by analysis” as they say because it can literally stop you in your tracks and prevent you from taking any further action and/or moving forward. This can be such a debilitating issue that I not only dive deep on this with my Exclusive and VIP clients, but I even came up with an acronym in a previous episode on this topic, where I took the word PERFECT and made each letter of that word stand for a different action step you can take to break through perfectionism, so if you missed THAT episode, be sure to check that out!

Fear tends to be closely tied to perfectionism because it’s the fear of making a mistake, or getting something wrong, that causes that paralysis we were talking about. Now we need to start by recognizing the fact that there ARE times when your best effort is really warranted. I am NOT saying that there are not plenty of times when you need to strive to do your best. What we are really talking about is that unhealthy pattern of preparing over and over again, and letting FEAR keep you from moving forward, whether it’s in your professional life OR personal life.

For more info on this VERY important topic, head on over to our Dr. Dawn ShopTalk YouTube Channel and watch Today's episode! XO ~ Dr. Dawn

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