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Healthy Habits Workshop 2024 - Reserve Your Spot NOW!

About the event

The 21-Day Reboot Workshop is a series designed to propel you into your best year yet—2024! This inaugural workshop focuses on "10 Healthy Habits That Can Really Change Your Life". For an investment of only $67, you're not just attending another online event; you're embarking on a life-changing journey. What's Included? - Exclusive Access: Join me on a private Zoom call where interactive learning meets transformative coaching. - Community Support: Gain entry to our private Facebook group, a vibrant community where daily coaching, motivational posts, and videos will keep you inspired. - Comprehensive Materials: Instant access to essential resources including our "10 Healthy Habit Hacks" checklist, cheat sheet, and progress tracker.

Why 21 Days? 

It's scientifically backed that making a habit stick requires at least this period. Our aim? To ensure 2024 unfolds as your most impactful year yet. In the private Facebook group, I'll be your guide, offering daily coaching to support you in achieving your goals. This workshop is more than learning; it's about stepping into your power, connecting with like-minded individuals, and collectively pursuing our best lives. No more going it alone—let's navigate this path together, bolstered by mutual support and encouragement. Spaces are Limited: To maintain the intimacy and effectiveness of our workshop, we're capping the number of participants at 25. This ensures each of you receives the personalized attention and support needed to truly make a difference. I'm eagerly looking forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you. Let's make 2024 the year we turn our dreams into reality, with every step cheered on by yours truly. I can't wait to start this journey together, Dr. Dawn

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