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The Career Woman's Secret Playbook - Ebook

The Career Woman's Secret Playbook - Ebook


Did you know that if you were to type in "career tips" into Google, you would get over 4.79 billion results? Well, if you are a career woman who doesn't have time for all of that, but still wants to make sure that she's doing everything she can to have a fulfilling career, then this book is perfect for you. The Career Woman's Secret Playbook is packed full of the kind of insider-secrets that you can only know if you had the experience of hiring employees, offering them promotions, and sometimes having to let them go. Why take this career journey alone, when you can have your very own career coach, who's been there/done that, share all the secrets they've learned along the way? Whether you are a young professional who is just starting out, a career woman who's been in the trenches for years, or one of those fabulous men out there who wants to support these amazing career women, this playbook will give you the behind-the-scenes game plan you need to creating a career you absolutely love. These same career secrets can unleash your personal and professional power in a whole new way, making your possibilities endless...Here's to you!


Dr. Dawn

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