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Let's Talk Shop

Let's Talk Shop, Shall We? ShopTalk is a consulting company that's bridging the gap between business and education by uncovering underlying workforce issues, identifying next steps, and coming up with action plans for leadership and employees through consulting services, workshops, and coaching.

21-Day Healthy Habits Reboot

GOING NOW: April 27-May 20, 2024

The next Workshop Topic & Dates will be announced soon...

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“In the past, Dr. Dawn presented to Arkansas higher education faculty/staff on diversity and inclusion. She is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve seen. Her humor, insight, and effervescent personality make it easy to connect with her.”

Brinda B.

Higher Education Grant Manager
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"Dr. Dawn is an exceptional leader who effortlessly blends her remarkable organizational prowess with a contagiously positive demeanor. Her talent for inspiring those under her guidance, her remarkable public speaking skills, and her innate ability to connect with businesses and individuals set her apart as a true visionary."

Rocky M.

Program Manager

“Whether you are looking for a resume reboot, how to ace the interview, a total career change, or how to turn
your current job into your dream job, Dr. Dawn is your answer! If you weren’t motivated beforehand, you
certainly will be after your first meeting.”

Tara S.

Licensed Broker and Benefits Coordinator


Are you ready to embark on a journey towards creating an enviable workplace culture while strengthening your company’s leadership? Dr. Dawn’s signature program, Entrée to Culture and Leadership, blends quarterly kick-offs, insightful interviews, real-time reports, and powerful takeaways to deliver a tailored approach that will take your culture and leadership to the next level.

Helping Businesses, Nonprofits, Schools, and Government Agencies.

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It is often said that, “Employees don’t leave jobs. They leave managers.”  Why is that?  It’s because just like the right coach can make all the difference to the team winning the game, a company’s leadership can make all the difference to the success of their employees and ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

As a ShopTalk client, Dr. Dawn will share all of her insider-secrets to who she had hired, fired, and why so that she can help you and your organization increase your productivity, your possibilities and your potential.  

With the right tools, strategies, and action steps custom-designed to meet your needs, ShopTalk helps today’s professionals not only set their goals, but exceed them.  The ultimate result is that businesses and educational programs benefit from a dynamic workforce whose untapped potential is just the beginning. Book your free consultation today!


Did you know that if you were to type “career tips” into Google, you would get over 4.79 billion results?  Who has time for all that?  THAT is where we come in.  You are busy and it’s our job to do the heavy lifting for you.  We keep today’s businesses, schools and professionals up to date on the latest tips/tricks of the trade while sharing Dr. Dawn’s insider-secrets to success based on her 30+ years of managing employees, leading teams, and teaching too many courses to count.


Let's Talk Consulting


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